The 9th

Following on from 2009’s ‘Falling Debris’, Hunt and Kilgour, along with Kilgour’s regular backing band the Heavy Eights, recorded latest album ‘The 9th’ over a week at the Chicks Hotel in Port Chalmers, just outside of Dunedin. Unlike ‘Falling Debris’, where Hunt’s poems were worked into songs and performed entirely by Kilgour and the Heavy Eights, ‘The 9th’ sees Sam Hunt take the lead vocalist position. This gives ‘The 9th’ a different feel, as Hunt’s vocals were recorded live with the backing band, which gives the poems a powerful platform to stand on.

Kilgour and the Heavy Eights back up the vocal delivery beautifully, and every time the music takes over it is done so in a way that compliments Hunt perfectly.

There is a mixture of old and new poems on ‘The 9th’, with each one as brilliant as the last. From war to love, many topics are covered as Hunt shows his masterful ability to write outstanding poetry.

Released through Bandit King Records, ‘The 9th’ sees both Hunt and Kilgour at the top of their games. For fans of both men, this album is a must. For those wanting to listen to something meaningful and different, then this is that something as this could well be the next New Zealand masterpiece. (Simon Wraight, City & Sound)

The 9th is available now from the following outlets